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Dental Care Plans

Worried about the costs of dental treatments ? Why not consider our dental care plans ? Our plans give you an affordable way to spread out the costs of your essential dental care over 12 months with the added bonus of a 10% discount on any clinically necessary treatments.

We have 4 plans





Speak to your dentist for advice on the best plan suited for your dental needs ! 

Dental Plans: Services

What is the difference between NHS, Private and Plan patients at Stonydelph Dental Practice?

New Patients

We have protected time for seeing new private patients and will normally be seen by the principal dentist. We have a limited intake of NHS patients per month.


Plan patients can seen on the same day, private patients within 24 hours , NHS patients maybe waiting longer.


NHS treatments need to be paid on the day of being seen. Private patients " Pay As You Go" also need to be paid on the day of treatment.However, plan patients can spread the cost of their check ups and hygiene treatment over 12 months 

Discounted treatment

All plan patients have the added benefit of 10% discount on all clinically necessary treatments.

Dental Insurance

Only plan patients can be offered dental insurance which is incorporated in the monthly fee

Same Dentist Guarantee

As a plan patient, you sign a contract with your chosen Dentist. This means you are guaranteed to see the same dentist each time you book for a routine appointment. This may differ in an emergency due to availability of your preferred dentist.

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