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Our Patient Care

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Are You Nervous About Visiting The Dentist? 
See a step by step guide of your journey with us

Nervous Patients

Here at Stonydelph, our practice has exceptionally high values regarding patient care and we are dedicated in delivering the best quality treatments possible. 

Our dental practitioners are trained and experienced with managing nervous patients. We take the time each patient requires to talk through their dental anxiety. We work with them to find out what it is that makes them anxious and how we can accommodate their individual needs. Dr Khan has many years of experience with managing patients who have mild ADHD and Aspergers.

We thoroughly explain all treatments and give patients the opportunity to ask questions in return so that they can make a fully informed decision.

The Patient Journey

We understand that every person is different and some lifestyles can be very hectic. We will always try to accommodate you as much as possible and book appointments at mutually convenient times.


On occasion we may give you documents for your information, if you have lost or misplaced yours you can download a copy here.

Post Extraction



Mouth Guard Care

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Denture Care


Periodontal Disease

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