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Orthodontic Treatment

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Are you looking to get that desirable straight teeth smile?

With Dr Khan, you can achieve this look anywhere from 3-9 months, dependent on your case. This is a short-term orthodontic treatment that can improve the alignment of the front six teeth. There are 2 methods of teeth alignment that we offer, fixed bracket braces that we most commonly see and clear removable aligners.

At your smile assessment, Dr Khan will assess your suitability to the treatment and inform you of what options are available.


Book a free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator after your smile assessment for any further queries about teeth alignment.

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Fixed Ceramic Appliance

What are fixed appliances?

Fixed appliances, also known as 'metal train tracks', are the more wider known orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. We use tooth coloured ceramic brackets that are bonded to each individual tooth involved in the alignment connected by a metal white coated wire, held in place by clear bands. 

Are they visible?

As they are tooth coloured they blend in really well with the natural dentition and from a distance are barely noticeable. The coated wire adds to this discrete look giving you an overall concealed appearance.

Will it hurt?

We cannot guarantee that the process will not be uncomfortable, especially when they are first fitted and begin to move. Within a few days you will adjust to them and soon enough you will forget they are even there.

You will be required to make an appointment with the practice every four weeks to regularly have adjustments done and checking that the teeth are moving into the desired position.

Please watch the video at the bottom at the page to visualise how we place fixed appliances.

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Removable Clear Aligners

What are Removable Aligners?

Removable aligners are also known as clear aligners. Much like a retainer, these are clear, discrete and made out from a strong acrylic. These are a series of custom made orthodontic appliances that are moulded to your mouth, which align your teeth by gently applying pressure, to gradually move them into the desired position. 

Will they be visible?

These aligners are virtually invisible and no one would even know that you are wearing them!

Do I have to wear them all the time?

We advise that you wear them around 21-22 hours of the day. Only removing them when you are eating or cleaning your teeth.

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During treatment we recommend going to see our dental hygienist to ensure that your oral health is at optimal condition.
After either treatments you would then be required to wear a removable retainer nightly and have a fixed retainer placed on the back of the teeth. This is to ensure that the teeth don't resume the original position.

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